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  • How To Tweet With Substance


    Posted on March 23, 2011 at 2:00 pm

    Brand Thinking from Greenfield/Belser

    Digital recipe #21

    Let’s say you’ve started with Twitter. Now what? Your business can hardly be broken down in 140-character posts. Twitter can be incredibly relevant to your business–here’s how to use it well:

    1. Link to relevant breaking news. A tweet does not have to contain all the details–just the headline and then a link (using a URL shortener, to make it fit).
    2. Re-tweet relevant news. You don’t always need to be the one to break the story, but sharing it with your network is still valuable–it demonstrates that you’re engaged.
    3. Tweet during events. Tweets can serve as a sort of running transcript of the key takeaways from a seminar, a conference session, a webinar, etc. Think of it as serving up information in snack-size amounts.
    4. Use hashtags when at an event or when you’re following an event virtually. These are a useful way to flag yourself as a participant and make your tweets searchable.
    5. Comment on other’s tweets. If someone has shared an interesting point or posted a question, you can easily reply with a brief point and link to a longer post on your blog.
    6. Share your thought-leadership by tweeting your latest blog posts. Twitter is the perfect venue to promote your blog, and you can automate this process to make it seamless.

    Engaging via Twitter demonstrates your willingness to share yours and others’ thought-leadership, and that only serves to further dialogue with your audience.